Pat Quill (the founder of Carolina HVAC) grew up near Cobleskill, NY. Pat graduated high school in 1980. He decided join the Navy later that year and entered into training to be a nuclear operator. While Pat was in the Navy, Patti and Pat met in Saratoga Springs, New York and were married in 1984. Pat served 10 years in the Navy as a nuclear technician on fast attack submarines. He served on 2 submarines that were homeported in Groton, CT.; the USS Boston and the USS Whale. He also taught students at the S8G prototype reactor. The principles that he learned while he was part of the Navy have shaped the way he runs his business. Principles like integrity and being technically qualified have shaped Carolina HVAC into successful business. Attention to detail is something that Pat stresses to his employees, attention to the little details make a good job great! All technicians attend regulator training provided by our equipment manufacturers when it is offered and in house training as well on a weekly basis. Pat’s technical back ground and instructor experience aide in the development of the personnel he employs. In 1991 he moved to Aiken to work for Westinghouse Savannah River Corporation (WSRC). He worked at DWPF until 1995 when he started Carolina HVAC. That business has been in continuous operation ever since and has grown into its current configuration over last 24 years.