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Kyle, Duke, and Pat

Kyle, Duke, and Pat '23

Pat gives practical instruction to team members it continues.

As soon as Pat’s son Kyle graduated high school, he joined his dad’s team. After working side by side for over 20 years, the two became business partners in 2018.


We believe that a company’s values, work-ethic, and consistency, begins with its owners. We are committed to demonstrating all of the values and ethics we desire each team-member to demonstrate. In other words, walk the walk.

Image by Marjan Blan

Starting and growing a business isn't a very easy thing to do. We've had some growing pains, but with God, great customers - and lots of elbow grease - we've grown quite a bit since then.

We believe in hiring team members who are individuals of high character, who show integrity and kindness even in the toughest situations. Pat, Kyle, and their team strive to serve their customers with the respect and dignity that they deserve, and treat them like they would want to be treated.

The values we base our company on are honoring God, providing quality craftsmanship, and service with integrity.

The Quill family photo fall of 2023

The Quill Family 2023

Image by Marjan Blan

Snapshots of the early days

Kyle practicing his wiring skills

Kyle practices wiring

Mrs Pattie answers the phone in the early days

Ms. Patti takes an order

Kyle and Emily

Kyle & Emily

Pat and Emily working in the office

Emily helping Pat in the office

Pat doing paperwork

More paperwork

Josh learning to walk

Josh tests a new skill....walking

Pat works on some wiring

Installing an outlet

Kyle and Pat stoke a pose

A glimpse of the future

Pat swearing in ceremony

Swearing in 93'



Our story is unique, because it's the story that God has given us to walk in, steward, and continue in. Like any great story, we've had our ups and downs. But through it all, God has blessed us in more ways than we can count.

Kyle & Rebecca, Kenzie, and Duke Quill
Kyle Quill Hunting
Kyle Quill
Kyle Quill  |  President/Owner

Kyle joined the family business in 2006 working as a technician. He quickly climbed the ranks into management positions, and in 2017 became a co-owner. In 2023 he assumed the role as President.

Kyle and his wife Rebecca have two young children, Kenzie and Duke, who love to "go to work" and hang out with the the Carolina HVAC & Electrical team. Kyle is passionate about living life on mission, whether it's at work, at home, or in his faith. Kyle & Rebecca serve as board members for Jamaica Relief Ministries, a children's home ministry.

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The first truck and trailer
Pat Quill in his Navy days

The beginning...

After completing his time in the Navy, Pat Quill wanted to establish a business to provide for his family and pass on a legacy to future generations. It was in 1995 that he started  Carolina HVAC with a Mitsubishi Mighty Max truck, a plastic tool box, and a pager on his hip. The service calls began rolling in. A folding table for a desk, a home office, and a bag phone followed soon after.


We exist to rewrite the narrative of HVAC and Electrical contractors.

We exist to serve with integrity the people of Aiken and Barnwell counties by providing home comfort solutions that are technically correct.

We exist to rewrite the narrative of HVAC and Electrical contractors.

We exist to serve with integrity the people of Aiken and Barnwell counties by providing home comfort solutions that are technically correct.


We emphasize the importance of leadership, and we put our money where our mouth is. Every leader has learned from the ground up, has shown they have what it takes, and has undertaken many levels of training.




More than just corporate jargon.
Core Value: Character

We believe in hiring team members who are individuals of high character, who show integrity and kindness even in the toughest situations.

Core Value: Craftsmanship

We believe in craftsmanship. We believe that each team member should be an artisan and should take extreme pride in their work. Our craftsmanship will raise the standard of the industry.
Colossians 3:17

Core Value: Honoring God

We believe in involving God in our company, including in the workplace, and acknowledging his hand in all blessings and trials.
2 Peter 1:3

Core Value: Growth

We believe in growth! We whole-heartedly embrace change and are excited about our future. We know that growth can be messy at times, but we will navigate it with excellent communication and leadership!

Core Value: Bad contractors suck

We believe bad contractors should be out of business. Plain and simple.

Core Value: Giving Back

We believe in generously giving back! We proudly support local and foreign ministries that impact the world for good.

Core Value: Open the Gates

We believe that all team members, regardless of position should have a servant’s heart. This includes being willing to open the gates, take out the trash, or sweep the floors.

Core Value: Investing

We believe in investing heartbeats wisely. We believe that it’s our duty to use our time effectively. This consists of building up our families and caring for their mental, financial, spiritual, and physical health.

Core Value: No Gossip

We believe that negatives go up and positives go all around.
Proverbs 15:4

Core Value: Competence

We believe in competence. We believe that by providing continuing education and high-quality training, our team can assist you in whatever HVAC and electrical needs you have.

Core Value: Professionalism

We believe in professionalism. Not professionalism that's cold and unthoughtful, but professionalism that treats your home like we would want our home treated.

Core Value: Respect

We believe every client is made in the image of God. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Galatians 4:28

Core Value: Teamwork

We believe in teamwork. We believe that we are all important players on a team that provides the best HVAC and electrical service in the area.

Westin Hege
HVAC Service Manager

Westin, who has been with the company since 2009 and recently assumed the role of Manager in 2023, is a devoted family man, husband to Jayme, and father to Bryce and Owen. An avid adventurer, Westin enjoys mission trips, camping, and shrimping. He is also a church youth leader and enjoys hobby farming. Westin and Jayme have shared their experiences by co-authoring a book about their adventures.

Steven Willis
Electrical Division Manager

Joining the company in 2022 as the leader of the Electrical Division, Steven, along with his wife Hailee and their three pets Rory, Charlie, and Utred, has made a significant impact. A native of Aiken, he enjoys horseback riding with his horse Dublin, fishing, and welding in his spare time. A devout Christian, Steven places a strong emphasis on his faith and the principle of putting God first in his life.

Emily Quill
Emily Quill
Office Manager

Emily officially became part of the family business in 2019 and stepped into her role as Office Manager in 2023. Passionate about reading and community service, she volunteers with various church groups and local ministries. Currently, Emily is pursuing her Master's degree, demonstrating her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Logan Musser
Logan Musser
HVAC Install Manager

Since joining the business as an Installer in 2015, Logan has advanced to become the Install Manager in 2021. Alongside his wife Destiny and their two children, Emma and Elsie, Logan balances family life with his commitment to the community. He is an active volunteer Firefighter/EMT and contributes to Jamaica Relief Ministries. Logan is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers and enjoys bringing his daughter Emma to the shop, where she loves riding her bike.

Pat & Pattie Quill
Pat Quill in the Navy
Pat Quill
Pat Quill  |  Vice President/Owner

After leaving a career in the Navy after 10 years, where he served as a Petty Officer First Class, Pat, his wife Patti, and their young family moved back to their home state of New York. After a period of adjusting back to civilian life, the family settled down in South Carolina and started up Carolina HVAC. Pat has exemplified a life of service, not only in his naval career, but also in the ministry at several churches. Pat and Patti are both currently in the process of becoming faith based counselors in order to continue their life of service as they look towards retirement.

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